Action Items:

  1. Don Lowen – Letter of information due to lack of response to 1-800 numbers.
  2. Aleria Ladwig- Request report of ORR internal review to forward to SEHAB
  3. Jack, Diane, Brian, Jim and Don will have conference call (meeting) with Kaarina in Vancouver in the week of October 16th.
  4. Don Lowen reviewed letter from Ed Woo to George Farrel to be sent to Webmaster to say thanks for reinstating resource restoration team on Haida Gwaii.
  5. Brian, Dave will look into other options for volunteers traveling and compensation.
  6. Aleria Ladwig – To put SEHAB on next CA agenda.
  7. SEHAB to look at inviting youth representative as it fits into current board recruitment. Perhaps a “guest” from local community at the cost of the inviter