Community Advisor: Patrick Fairweather
Representative: Leandre Vignault

Community Advisor: Rob Dams

Representative: Cindy Verbeek
Community Advisor: Natalie Newman

Representative: Jan Lemon
Community Advisor: Ian Douglas

Community Advisor: Pat Schulz

Community Advisor: Dave Davies
Representative: Jack Minard

Community Advisor: Barry Cordocedo

Representative: Ian Bruce
Community Advisor: Chantal Nessman

Dianne Sanford
Community Advisor: Vacant

Community Advisor: Rob Bell-Irving

Community Advisor: Sandie Hollick-Kenyon
Representative: Brian Smith

Paul Cipywnyk
Community Advisor: Scott Ducharme
Alternate Dianne Ramage
North Side Fraser River, Burnaby to Mission

SEHAB Member Paul CipywnikPaul Cipywnyk joined the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers in SE Burnaby over ten years ago. An "accidental environmentalist" who grew up in Saskatchewan, he has been bewitched by the magnificent salmon of the west coast. Paul has degrees in journalism and communication, and his passion is collaboration toward environmental, social and economic sustainability. He is a citizen representative on the City of Burnaby Environment Committee, is active on the Burnaby Board of Trade Environmental Sustainability Committee, and is past president of the Stream of Dreams Murals Society.

Community Advisor: Rob Schaefer

Community Advisor: Rob Schaefer

Lee Hesketh
Community Advisor: Tom Nevin

Tracy Bond
Community Advisor: Guy Scharf

Representative: J. Jarvis

Currently vacant

Representative: Zo Ann Morten