FRIDAY            March 7, 2014

1900 - 2100       SEHAB Committee Meetings (Chairs to arrange with members)

SATURDAY      March 8, 2014 

0845                 Meet and Greet - get prepared 

0900 - 1600       Reports, Workplans, DFO and Roundtables 

Attending:        Leandre Vignault, Jim Shinkewski, Wayne Salewski, Ian Bruce, ZoAnn Morten, Grieg Houlden, Jan Lemon, Brian Smith, Paul Cipywynk, Eric Carlisle, Dianne Sanford, Jim Armstrong, Lee Hesketh

Regrets:           Regrets: Jack Minard, Elizabeth Hardy

Invited  Guests: Alice Cheung, Fisheries and Oceans Canada-  Regional Manager Community                                          Involvement Program

                        Matthew Foy, Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Project Biologist, Lower Fraser SEP                                  Restoration Unit                         


0900                 Chair – Welcomeand Opening Remarks (5mins) 

Vice Chair Jim Shinkewski chaired the meeting 

Read Chair Jack Minard’s opening remarks  

0905                 Guest Presentation 

Matt Foy: We don’t understand how much has been accomplished in the last two or three decades.We can help nature, and repopulate in a decade.SEP is in a good place. There are legislative changes and challenges, and we’ll have to see how next 10 years go. But we have to remember how far we’ve come.CA Replacement – there is a lot of retirement. Federal govt going through changes across Canada. 

Alice, right now it is very difficult to get permanent hires. This is government wide. 

0950                 Roundtables Part one 
                         SEHAB representatives presented geographical reports. These reports will be posted to the SEHAB website. 

1030                 Break 

1045                 Roundtables Part two
                         SEHAB representatives presented geographical reports. These reports will be posted to the SEHAB website. 

1200                 Lunch 

1330                 DFO Report, Alice Cheung 

Due to budgetary restraints there are more restrictions, more oversight, but SEP is still one of the most successful programs in government. There will be a SEP audit commencing in spring, and there will be opportunities for SEHAB to meet with auditors from Ottawa. Question of integrating streamkeeper data – Alice will look into this issue. CA replacement – priority goes to other DFO staff who are being reassigned. If they are not “fishy” enough they will be trained. Policy issues such as Cohen are being handled at PMO level. The WSP is still significant policy and still guides DFO work. 

Questions raised re lack of DFO response to events such as the Silver Creek/Burnaby Lake coal spill. 

Clarification that SEHAB doesn’t “consult” it “advises.” 

Steelhead issue – province manages steelhead. 

ACTION: PAR committee write to province re steelhead                       

1440                 Break 

1500                 Board Q&A/Discussion 

1530                 AmalgamateRoundtable Topics and Prioritize for RHQ

                         - See the Closing the Loop Document October 2013

Top Items

Unethical professionals problem – self-declared QEPs

Hydrocarbon transport – limit corridors – why does each of many pipelines proposed for BC’s north have its own corridor?

NEB being giveauthorization to assess habitat, issue related permits

Budget cuts - Lack of funding for staff, lack of support

Enforcement problems, point of contact (nobody to call). Federal and provincial, compliance

Steelhead aquaculture licensing

Changes to treatment of environment in provincial curriculum

ACTION  Dianne Sletter to province re curriculum changes, curriculum committee teachers federation

1630                 Adjourn

SUNDAY March 9, 2014

NB RHQ Meeting will commence at 1330 today (No meeting in Vancouver on Monday)

0900 - 1400   Business Meeting

900                   Standing Committee Reports


Rethink committee structure? 


Suspend WSP for now until it comes up with DFO again 

Letter from Minister of Forests and Land

Cumulative Effects Framework – Wayne

ACTION: Wayne formulate response 

ACTION: Paul Letters from SEHAB to other organizations and responses received to go on website                                   


ZA:  Been very frugal. Some people have not been able to attend meetings, so we have modest surplus.


See reports from committee chair GreigHoulden

MOTION: Greig move, Jim second to renew representatives as per Membership Report

Make Dianne Ramage alternate for PSF

Get a new alternate for PaulCipywnyk’s area

ACTION Paul look for new alternate

ACTION Jim S - Dianne to be PSF alternate 

Frustration of musical-chair CAs when trying to get approval for reps 

ACTION: ALL Update your contact and CA info with Greig 

MOTION Ian/Dianne S replace “shall” with “should” in membership regulations regarding staggered terms
ACTION: ALL Please send Paul your bios and to website

No report

 See Paul’s report

     ZA: report

Steelhead issue should be govt to govt
Conf call – groups had been told different things
Perception of be bullied into having to take the license or lose the program
Group risk, should be DFO

SEHAB Working Groups- Annual Work Planning 

WSP Committee
No report 

Aquaculture Committee
            PAR report above

Capacity and Core Funding
            No report

1000     Action Items fromJune 7-9, 2013 Meeting (2 meetings ago for reference)





WSP, send copy or excerpts to Prime Minister, DPM and Minister

How do changes and policy dovetail

WSP Committee

Ongoing; Get the right people to the table

PAR, pursue face to face with national PAR staff on license holders,

PAR committee to work with Graham on arranging meeting

PAR committee

Work with provincial govt

Review the process of CEAA reviews as they move to the province

Discuss process with both players


Prov. System working – Jim will act as sounding board if members have questions for federal and prov. assessments

How do we post to the Secretariat site?

Paul to post


Post links

Ask at RHQ it would be easier if link was directly to the minutes of meeting. calendar only mentions the Monday meetings, we note that


Link Only

ZoAnn getting documents signed


Take signed document to HBC

Finance Committee

Ongoing – docs ready ZoAnn will complete if possible

Communications report on how we gather the voice of community, how we are  recruited to the board by the CAs and community, difficulty in recruiting and maintaining board members on SEHAB board, volunteerism of board members reflected in bios

Communications Committee


Ontrack and Ongoing


See membership report

Develop meeting ex summary to be uploadedto our website and shared with our groups and MPs, MLAs



Closing the Loop Document – ongoing

Action items from October 18-20 meeting (previous meeting) 





Letter to professional organizations

“professional reliance” a part of the problem? new definition of term may have effect on decisions

Jim and Wayne

Oct 31


One letter sent


Working on another one

All Committees to meet

Touching bases and creating budgets and ensuring updates send budget items to Finance com

All Committee Chairs


Presentations on existing processes Saturday mornings

Details on procedures (i.e. RAR)“Professional reliance”

Jack, Wayne and Jim

Dec 1

Form group email and update process, look into the privacy rating of our googlechat account,

If chat is in public domain drop SEHAB Chat



Continue to develop Closing the Loop

Product representing RHQ actions items / results onto website



PAR committee reviewing ATIP material

PAR committee will reiewthe ATIP material,process and report out

PAR committee


When material arrives

PAR committee explore meeting option, invite list would include fed, prov and groups involved in the enhancement of  steelhead

explore meeting options

PAR committee


On RHQ agenda


DONE but province didn’t show

Action items from March 8-9, 2014 meeting 





write to province re steelhead licensing issue

Federal vs provincial

PAR committee


letter to province re curriculum changes in environmental education


Dianne S


formulate response re Letter from Minister of Forests and Land re Cumulative Effects Framework




Letters from SEHAB and responses to them to go on website




Complete steps to make Dianne the PSF alternate


Jim S


looking for new alternate with CA Maurice Coulter-Boisvert




Update your contact and CA info with Greig





Please check your bios on the website and send Paul anything you want refreshed or added. Several reps do not have bios on website.




1030 Members’ Issues and Proposed Solutions/Action

Develop RHQ Agenda

Review RHQ Meeting notes and action items (Closing the Loop)

           Decide on RHQ Attendees: 

1130 Identify/Review action items for next meeting

1200 Adjourn, Lunch and Process Travel Claims 

Reconvene with RHQ Staff 

1330 Closing the loop meeting with RHQ Staff 

1530 Adjourn 


A.   Minutes from this meeting to be ratified by March 31, 2014

B.   Date next meeting:  June 20, 21, 22 Parksville/Qualicim

C.  Invitation to build agenda by:May 15

D.   Draft agenda due on: May 30

E.  Determine Participants (SEHAB exec. PLUS area issue sponsors)for Monday meeting at RHQ

F.  October meeting Oct. 19, 20, 21, 22 Shuswap/Adams River