FRIDAY            May 30, 2014

1900 - 2100       Friday Night Forum
Adam Silverstein from DFO spoke on the Fisheries Protection Program

SATURDAY      May 31, 2014

0845                 Meet and Greet - get prepared

0900 - 1600       Reports, Workplans, DFO and Roundtables

Attending:        Jack Minard, Leandre Vignault, Ian Bruce, ZoAnn Morten, Gord Wadley, Jan Lemon, Paul Cipywnyk, Eric Carlisle, Jim Armstrong, Elizabeth Hardy, Angela Kroning (Trial Alternate, Sunshine Coast)

Regrets:           Lee Hesketh, Jim Shinkewski, Wayne Salewski, Dianne Sanford, Brian Smith                                                                     

Invited Guests: Alice Cheung, Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Regional Manager Community  Involvement Program

                         Tom Rutherford, Section Head, Resource Restoration and Stewardship and Community Involvement (acting)

                         Chantal Nessman, Community Advisor - Central West Coast of Vancouver Island, East to Nanaimo, South to Chemainus                                            

0900                 Chair – Welcome and Opening Remarks, Introduce Guests (5 mins)

Chair Jack Minard: Overriding sense of waiting. Waiting to understand the new act, new regulations. Thanks to Adam for presentation last night.

                        Guest Presentations:

0905                 Tom Rutherford

Acknowledged meeting being held on Coast Salish territory. With DFO for 33 years. Priorities for south coast over next year:

1)      Provide staff with tools and support to do their work

2)      Establish stability in CIP program

Staffing - CA roles and responsibilities

            Administrative stability. Create a CA pool. Job op poster will be out next week or following week, and it will run across the country both internal and external. Are expecting hundreds of applicants, and aim to be done by the end of the year. We are creating working framework for CAs, what it means to be a CA. There have been major changes in how we do things over the last few years, and CAs have been wrestling with admin stuff, so are looking to streamline admin as much as possible.

3)     Resolve License and Tenure issues: need clarity around protocols for new project development. Issue of ongoing access - we’ve built things that need maintenance that we can’t even get to. Water licenses.

4)     Continue south coast CEDP review. Ongoing process initiated in 2011. South Coast has approx. 60% of regional CEDP budget 10/18 projects are here. Some hatcheries are 30 years old.

General comments: SEP evaluation South Coast - every federal program is evaluated every five years. Evaluators were impressed at how British Columbians are crazy about salmon. It was interesting seeing the work we do through different eyes.

In relation to community groups and habitat, field work and advocacy work are both important. There are two ways to protect habitat: regulatory and stewardship. We need to play the long game and use outreach and education.

Local governance models - example of Cowichan roundtable – people sitting at the same table, developing relationships.

Volunteer Workshop May 2015 coming up in Port Alberni.

The days of peak government are gone and are not coming back.

0930                 Chantal Nessman

Career has included stints in Restoration, Stock Assessment, and Habitat.

We have to rely on community partners for assessment

1000                 Roundtables Part one (please submit roundtables in word as per template)

SEHAB representatives presented geographical reports. These reports will be posted to the SEHAB website.

1030                 Break

1045                 Roundtables Part two

SEHAB representatives presented geographical reports. These reports will be posted to the SEHAB website.

1200                 Lunch

1330                 DFO Report, Alice Cheung

ACTION Alice suggest new dates for RHQ meeting


Expires June 30. Reissue July 1. Another year CAs holding the license. Looking for multi-year in the future.

Steelhead and cutthroat issues: Had conversations with province, put forth some options. Pushing for province to hold licenses and reach an arrangement.

Staffing: Share concerns around CAs. Benefits to having continuity. Relationships facilitating partnerships. Reality is that staffing processes right now are not conducive to getting long-term staffing.

SEP evaluation: A month ago evaluation directorate spent two weeks here. Evaluate SEP and evaluate Aquaculture Management Program. This is on a regularly scheduled five-year cycle. Programs are still relevant, worth the $$. All managers were interviewed. Site visits. Volunteers, FNs, NGOs, hatcheries. Evaluators should be following up with SEHAB and PSKF. Will be sending out questionnaires to all groups in the directory.

SEP and science: We can use such information. Looking at science angle for Workshop 2015. Need to raise awareness in Science as to value of community input. At some point engage SEHAB – how can we make this happen? Weave it into the workshop.

Approvals process: Streamlining. Internally increased interest in tightening things up. Travel. Expenditures, Budgets. Centralization. We’re trying to navigate the best we can.

Cohen: Letter re Cohen re lack of response. No news on response being quashed. Jack: we’re not getting things answered. Alice: As SEHAB and as citizens you can ask to elevate this.

October meeting: Intention for SEHAB to be there at same time as Ecosystems team. The plan is for regional managers to meet in Kamploops sometime in October. Hoping to get the minister to the Salute to Sockeye.

ACTION Bring high-level person from C&P to January meeting

1440                 Break

1500                 Board Q&A/Discussion

1530                 Amalgamate Roundtable Topics and Prioritize for RHQ                 

1630                 Adjourn

SUNDAY June 1, 2014

0900 - 1400      Business Meeting

900                   Standing Committee Reports




Better to have meeting in January

Can do 2 “out” meetings within budget

Some things are cheaper in smaller places

We still have vacancies on the board

Our budget remains the same at $33,000



Ian alternate Kai? Jack is membership chair

ACTION ALL vote on alternate

Acting CA in Campbell River?

Central Coast no member

ACTION Jim A and ZA suggestions for alternate for Paul

Jim A needs an alternate. No CA to approve.

ZA needs alternate

No rep from province

Leandre no alternate 


                        Communications  No report

Potential Facebook page/group 

SEHAB Working Groups -  Annual Work Planning

WSP Committee  ACTION Ian to take on Southern Chinook Initiative Seat

PAR Committee – report sent in

PAR report - Been busy

Prepay for some lawyer time

We don’t know who is replacing Kaarina

Southern chinook initiative

Capacity and Core Funding

1030   Members’ Issues and Proposed Solutions/Action

           Develop RHQ Agenda

           Review RHQ Meeting notes and action items (Closing the Loop)

           Decide on RHQ Attendees:

Jim A, Paul C, Zo Ann M, Brian S, Elizabeth H.

1130 Identify/Review action items for next meeting

1200 Adjourn, Lunch and Process Travel Claims


A.   Minutes from this meeting to be ratified by June 30

B.   Date next meeting:  October 5, 6, 7

C.   Invitation to build agenda by: September 5

D.   Draft agenda due on: September 12

E.   Determine Participants (SEHAB exec. PLUS area issue sponsors??) for Monday meeting at RHQ

Jim A, Zo Ann M, Elizabeth H., Brian S, Paul C.

Action items from May 2014 meeting 





Setting up next RHQ meeting

Arrange date by email

Alice, Attendees


Arrange for high-level rep from C&P to attend January SEHAB meeting (or 1st meeting in 2015)




Find alternate for North Side Fraser River, Burnaby to Mission




Find alternate for South side Fraser River to Abbotsford


Jim A


Find alternate for Haida Gwaii




Jim A and Zo Ann to suggest potential alternates to Paul


Jim A, Zo Ann


As alternates are proposed, and letters and resumes are circulated, vote online





Lead on Southern Chinook

Ian to take over



Work on items to take to RHQ


Jack, Paul


Present outcomes from this meeting to RHQ when date determined




Forward stories about lack of DFO presence on the ground to Jack




Forward examples to Jack of no EC presence, or poor presence, on water pollution events that EC is supposed to handle for DFO




Action items from March 8-9, 2014 meeting





write to province re steelhead licensing issue

Federal vs provincial

PAR committee


letter to province re curriculum changes in environmental education


Dianne S


formulate response re Letter from Minister of Forests and Land re Cumulative Effects Framework




Letters from SEHAB and responses to them to go on website




Complete steps to make Dianne the PSF alternate


Jim S


looking for new alternate with CA Maurice Coulter-Boisvert




Update your contact and CA info with Greig





Please check your bios on the website and send Paul anything you want refreshed or added. Several reps do not have bios on website.




Action items from October 18-20, 2013, meeting for reference





Letter to professional organizations

“professional reliance” a part of the problem? new definition of term may have effect on decisions

Jim and Wayne

Oct 31

All Committees to meet

Touching bases and creating budgets and ensuring updates send budget items to Finance com

All Committee Chairs


Presentations on existing processes Saturday mornings

Details on procedures (i.e. RAR)“Professional reliance”

Jack, Wayne and Jim

Dec 1

Form group email and update process, look into the privacy rating of our googlechat account,

If chat is in public domain drop SEHAB Chat



Continue to develop Closing the Loop

Product representing RHQ actions items / results onto website



PAR committee reviewing ATIP material

PAR committee will reiew the ATIP material, process and report out

PAR committee


When material arrives

PAR committee explore meeting option, invite list would include fed, prov and groups involved in the enhancement of  steelhead

explore meeting options

PAR committee


On RHQ agenda