Feb. 19 - 21, 2016

Pinnacle Hotel

138 Victory Ship Way North Vancouver, BC V7L0B1 
Phone: 1-800-291-9434


FRIDAY Feb. 19, 2016       Friday Night Forum:

Habitat and Ecosystem Restorations and Community Stewards

1830                 Doors Open

1900                 Dr. Ken Ashley – “The State of the Art of Ecological Restorations in BC”

1920                 Leandre Vigneault – “Using LWD in a Remote Area: The Haida Gwaii Challenge”

1945                 Jack Minard – “Integrated Stormwater Management Planning and the Local                                        Restorations Opportunity”

1950                 Jim Shinkewski – “Funding and Restoration Planning and Prioritization”

2005                 Adam Silverstein – “The DFO Restoration Framework and What It Means to the SEP                          Volunteer Community”

2040                 Panel Discussion/Q&A

2100                 Adjourn

SATURDAY Feb. 20, 2016           

Attending:        Jack Minard, Zo Ann Morten, Jim Armstrong, Jim Shinkewski, Brian Smith, Eric Carlisle, Ian Bruce, Leandre Vigneault, Elizabeth Hardy, Paul Cipywnyk, Lee Hesketh, Cindy Verbeek, Tracy Bond, Angela Kroning, Jan Lemon

Regrets:           Wayne Salewski, Dianne Sanford              

Guest:             Adam Silverstein Regional Manager, Community Involvement and Resource Restoration

                       Fisheries and Oceans Canada/Government of Canad

                       Sandie Hollick-Kenyon Community Advisor North Vancouver, Vancouver, Port Moody.

                      Tina Chestnut Acting Regional Stewardship Coordinator       

0845                 Meet and Greet - get prepared

0900                  Chair Welcome and Opening Remarks

0910                  Friday Night Forum (FNF) Debrief, (Impressions, Actions, Advice)

ACTION: Adam Silverstein to share Restoration Framework report digitally

ACTION: Paul Cipywnyk/Cindy Verbeek –– Look into more use of social media

ACTION: SEHAB Secretary Make a signup sheet for FNF, also have folks RSVP so we know numbers

ACTION: Have a short workshop on how to write funding applications. Don Lowen has presented this in the past for SEHAB.

ACTION: All SEHAB members––Brainstorm FNF ideas and send to Jack – fundraising, organizational development/succession planning, science & volunteers, sharing stories and what worked and what didn’t work.

0940                 Roundtables

Please see SEHAB website to read original roundtables

1000                 Break

1015                 Roundtables Continued

Please see SEHAB website to read original Roundtables (

1200                 Lunch

1330                 Brian Smith – Presentation on the Seymour Rock Slide 

1350                 DFO Roundtable Feedback

1400                 DFO Report and Board discussion

1530                 Break

1600                 Board and DFO Q&A/Discussion
                        -  Prioritize for RHQ and organize by responses wanted

Lack of Enforcement

Conservation and Protection – SEHAB members would like to talk face to face with policy, and day-to-day decision makers  

ACTION: Invitation to C&P to come to meeting

Need better community relations with C&P

Volunteers feel they are not being backed up

ACTION: Ask for C&P workplan/job description. Intake of reporting process.




Lack of support

ACTION: Need more resources for SEP

Stewardship support program

Support broader community groups

Changes to habitat leave community groups less supported

ACTION: Get volunteers to write letters asking for support for SEP


Why do we continue to lose habitat?

Let’s protect what we have.

Citizens support protecting what we have

Why aren’t we doing zoning of critical areas

ACTION: Inform DFO of strong stewardship community opposition to Lelu site. Stewards do not oppose the project, they oppose the site.

                                     -  RHQ Agenda – Closing the Loop document

                                     -  Determine Participants for Monday meeting at RHQ

                                     -  Set meeting dates for 2016/17                    

1700                 Adjourn

SUNDAY Feb. 21, 2016

0900 - 1200       Business Meeting

0900                 Standing Committee Reports

 - Chair – Jack

Closing the Loop is critical. Getting good feedback from dept

ACTION: Jack/Cindy work on new RT ranking system

 - Finance – ZoAnn

Away trips have lower facility costs, higher travel costs

Many benefits

We are tracking to budget

Invoice went in December 1 but cheque has not arrived as yet

 - Membership – Jack

 - Governance – Jack

              - Communications – Paul

              - Southern Chinook – Ian

ACTION: Ian to put notes on SEHAB CHAT

Who is there for the fish

1000                 Review Working Groups & 2016/17 Workplan

                                     - PAR (ZoAnn)

Need to meet at national level.

ACTION: Zo Ann call PAR committee meeting in April

ACTION: Zo Ann find out who is coordinating communication

                                     - Communication Working Group (Paul/Wayne)

Request meetings with Ministers both Prov. (MoE and FLNRO) and Federal Fisheries

Review current letters and discuss follow up. Reid re Notifications, SEHAB response to recent SEP Evaluation

What to write to minister

Tie in with mandate letter

Introduction and this is what we can do for you

Role of volunteers

Mandate letter

Priority to protect what we have

Direct link to the letter we wrote

ACTION: Leandre V, Jim S, Cindy V, Jack M––committee to get ball rolling

SEP evaluation letter

Rebecca Reid notifications letter

Letter is ready to go with our 2nd draft reiteration

ACTION: Leandre Vigneault––will review letter and send it out to board again

ACTION: Paul Cipywnyk––Review and send SEP evaluation letter

Direct link to letter

                                     - Stock Assessment, WSP, Science, Data Collection (Leandre)

Community groups have to request something from Science

Volunteers would really appreciate knowing where/how data is going and being used

Digitizing historical data

ACTION: Leandre V––to contact Jeffrey and proceed with citizen science discussion

with interested members: Leandre, Zo Ann, Lee, Jim A, Cindy, Ian, Tracy

                                      - Other Topics tabled at last meeting:

                                     - Salish Sea Conference (Jim A)

                                     - SEP cuts and itemized budget and the future (Zo Ann/Dianne/JimS)

We don’t want cuts of any kind

1045                 Break

1100     Discuss RHQ meeting and develop Closing the Loop Document

ACTION: Jack M––every meeting we add the next third meeting date to allow for timing as to DFO involvement

12:45    Review receipt of Roundtables to process travel claims

            Submit Roundtables and Travel Claims

1300                 Adjourn and Lunch 


A.   Minutes from this meeting to be ratified by March 4, 2016

B.   Date next meeting:  3, 4, 5, 6 [away]; Nov. 4, 5, 6/Nov. 11, 12, 13 [away]; Feb. 17,18,19/Feb. 24, 25, 26 [Lower Mainland]

C.   Invitation to build agenda by:  April 29

D.   Draft agenda due on:  May 9

E.   Determine Participants (SEHAB exec. PLUS area issue sponsors) for Monday meeting at RHQ

 – Away meeting needs to clarify RHQ meeting. June 10, 17 or 24?

Action items November 2015





Draft letter of response to SEHAB section of SEP Review

Errors in review need to be pointed out.

Paul Cipywnyk


Prepare response to SEHAB section of SEP Review for RHQ

Errors in review need to be pointed out.

Paul Cipywnyk


DFO Pacific Org Chart

Including short descriptions of roles

Jason Hwang


Review Navaids

Ensure that processes are clear & are being followed

Coms Committee

Report to next SEHAB meeting

Review SEHAB/DFO Business Process

Is SEHAB reporting in the most effective manner?

Coms Committee, Jason Hwang, Tina Chestnut, Adam Silverstein

Report to next SEHAB meeting

Retrieve SEHAB funds from HSBC account

~$440 inaccessible

Jim Armstrong



SEHAB budget has not increased for over ten years. Put this on next agenda.

Chair/Sec to put on next agenda. Finance Committee to report.

Report to next SEHAB meeting

Update any missing member info

New alternates

Paul > Alan, Ian


Committee Reports

Reminder that all committees should write and distribute reports prior to each SEHAB meeting


Before every SEHAB meeting

Draft letter of welcome to new DFO Minister

Short letter of welcome, and introducing SEHAB, to new DFO minister

Paul Cipywnyk


Confirm Feb. RHQ Mtg



Before Feb. mtg

 Action Items Feb. 2016





Share restoration report


Adam S


Can SEHAB use social media more effectively

Can we promote SEHAB role through social media

Paul C/Cindy V

By next meeting

FNF Signup Sheet

Bring a signup sheet to FNF, also have folks RSVP

Paul C

Before next FNF

Workshop on writing funding applications




Brainstorm FNF topics

Send to Jack M


Before next meeting

Ask C&P to come to next SEHAB meeting


Jack M

In advance of next meeting

Ask for C&P workplan, job descriptions


Jack M

In advance of next meeting

More resources for SEP

SEP needs more resources, not budget cuts



Letters supporting SEP

Get volunteers to write letters to DFO asking that SEP be fully supported and funded



New RT ranking system

Are there better ways to rank items from RTs?

Cindy V/Jack M

Bring to next meeting

Southern Chinook

Ian to share on SEHAB Chat – members to be conscious of what may be confidential



PAR Committee

Call meeting

Zo Ann


PAR Communication

Who is coordinating?

Zo Ann


Determining “story” for Minister as to SEHAB role, what we do, how can we tie in with mandate letter


Leandre, Jim S, Cindy V, Jack M.


Notification letter

Leandre to review and send out for final comments. Send to Rebecca Reid



SEP Review response letter

Paul to review and send out for final comments. sign & send

Paul, Jack


Citizen Science

Continue discussion on volunteer community tying in with DFO Science



Add date of next 3rd meeting at each meeting




LNG – Lelu

Inform DFO of strong stewardship community opposition to this site


RHQ Meeting