Jack (Dave Davies)

Documented interest in launching WSP

Growing concern re: significant mining issue

Shift in community away from strategic enhancement WSP

Timberwest is logging again in Tsolum watershed


Jan (Rob Dams)


Richard Olsen new biologist for Lakeelse Watershed Society

CA feels good about connection to community CIR

Rob Dams fitting in well CIR

Smolt fest happening today 400+ in attendance last year

Funding still issue for local hatchery CIR

Funding / funding / funding always an issue CIR

Local groups trying to find funding

Where does 1st nations fit into funding

Same old problems

Local CEDP program closed CIR


Ev (Brenda Donas)

Tobbagon Creek Maurice River Chinook WSP

Stock 80,000 coded wore tags


Steelhead monitoring/assessment Pink


Recent demise of Ft Babine hatchery CIR

Society has sent letter with requests for info regarding where funds went (CEDP hatchery) CIR


Chicago Creek

Will be closing in 2010-2011 – founder past away CIR

Pipeline – Enbridge – will be impacting area creeks

Coal bed methane gas/mining – potential issues


Dave Lower Fraser Maurice CXB


Locating legacy salmon from SEP Workshop 2009

Fish production meeting with Matt. Some smaller #’s for enhancement WSP

Education = 3 high schools – weekly involvement

Invasive species

Took part in sacred salmon walk

Fish friendly gate being installed on Spence Creek

Allouette outmigration – where should the monitoring equipment go

Education / ongoing issues water removal for cranberrys. Still communicating.

Sign it off, lots of cooperation

Lived on barge sunk 2 yrs ago – has been raised when highways was already working nearby with craneCIR

Restoration works in stave valley

Invasive species council of BC working together for works

Bev B – amazing resource

Bridge Coastal does the limited stock assessment for department WSP