SEHAB Meeting – June 14-15
Jeff Jung, Fisheries and Oceans Canada Update on Stewardship and Community Involvement Regional Initiatives
SEP Community Involvement Review
The SEP Community Involvement Review process is proceeding at a slower pace than planned.   The overarching goals of the Community Involvement Program (CIP) Review are:
1. To gain a better understanding of the existing CIP by conducting an “environmental scan”.
2. To identify the Community Involvement Program’s accomplishments and challenges using a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis.
3. To identify options for delivering the program more effectively over the next 5 to 10 year time period.
4. Identify key areas of focus, priorities which feed into a Region-wide workplanning process.
The CIP Review Working Group is currently collecting inventory type data and information on the existing to support the environmental scan such as the number of partners and projects supported per area; the budgets allocated to each project; the boundaries used to deliver each CA’s area of responsibility, etc.
The SEHAB Report, “Making a Difference - Input of Volunteer Stewards to CIP Review” has been received by the department for review and consideration as part of the process.
CEDP Review Implementation
CEDP Review implementation work for 2008/09 continues with emphasis on improving the management of the CEDP program.  DFO’s Regional Stewardship Coordinator, Aleria Ladwig who is co-ordinating this work from regional headquarters has a detailed workplan to proceed in moving forward on the recommendations from the review. 
Stream to Sea Education Program
A guiding document for DFO staff and contractors has been a work in progress for the Stream to Sea Education program over the past several months.  This document is in draft form and will be reviewed further at the upcoming Education Coordinator’s workshop in August 2008.   
Other Items
An audit and an evaluation of SEP are scheduled for the 2008-09 fiscal year – two separate internal projects.  It will be conducted by DFO Audit and Evaluation Directorate.  Evaluations will concentrate on program relevance, success and costeffectiveness and audits focus on program management, efficiency and compliance.
DFO staffing processes are underway to fill vacant CA Port Hardy position as well as an assignment opportunity for CA Victoria position due to Tom Rutherford’s acceptance of assignment outside the department.