SEHAB Meeting – June 9, 2012

Hudson Bay Lodge, Smithers BC

 The following items were discussed as part of A.Cheung’s update:


In response to the Pacific Aquaculture License, staff have been working to issue enhancement licenses for 2012 and develop supporting best management practices. Licenses will be issued by July 1, 2012 and we will continue to work with Community Advisors and SEHAB to refine the best management practices in response to the Regulations.

The interim measure of the Department holding the licenses will continue for the 2012 year

Capacity Building/Funding

PIP Contracting Process

In an effort to better align with the Government Contracts Regulations of facilitating equitable access to public funds, the Community Involvement Program (CIP) will be making adjustments to our contracting practices related to the Public Involvement Program (PIP). Procurement contracts are the current vehicles through which the Salmonid Enhancement Program contributes Public Involvement Program funds to volunteer groups. In developing the new process, both Regional staff and Community Advisors are working together to minimize impacts to our community groups while ensuring that government contracts are managed fairly and are inclusive to others wishing to work with the Department as part of the Public Involvement Program.

Volunteer community groups will continue to work with their respective Community Advisors to develop their salmon enhancement projects and will continue to submit a PIP application.  What is different from the previous process is that the PIP application will be posted on the Government of Canada's tendering website ( where interested parties can be made aware of the opportunity to collaborate with DFO on salmon enhancement projects.  Established community volunteer groups will continue to submit their PIP applications directly to their CA.

This new process will be implemented for the 2013 -2014 fiscal.

There are no changes to the process used to distribute CEDP funds.

SEHAB Representation

Some communities have expressed an interest to have a representative on the SEHAB Board.   A discussion followed and the Board outlined the process for appointment. It was felt that adequate resources were available to entertain another member.

Habitat/Wild Salmon Policy


Acknowledgement that there is significant concern by volunteers around the impact to habitat related to the proposed Fisheries Act changes. Information is now available on DFO website.