SEHAB Roundtable – Pacific Salmon Foundation

January 2011



Announcement of spring 2010 Community Salmon Program funding round


- changes to application process: new requirements for DFO’s collection of performance metrics may have a small impact on volunteers writing CSP applications

- new CSP application templates rolled out for all funding applicants

- Community Advisor recommendation process changed: letters of support no longer required

- concerns of community re: new enhancement facility licensing requirements



Closed Containment Salmon Aquaculture


- Terry Tebb is participating on an advisory panel to explore closed containment finfish aquaculture

- funding partners include Tides Canada and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation; project partnered with the Namgis and Toquat First Nations

- the design and business plan stages have been completed for the Namgis project, which includes a production output of 175 metric tons of Atlantic salmon

- a contract for business plan development has just been issued to the Toquat First Nation, whose facility will have a production output of 100 metric tons of coho

- these projects follow on the success of similar works undertaken in West Virginia, which have grown 5 kg Atlantics in 100% freshwater at 80 kg/m3 growout density.