Pacific Streamkeepers Federation Roundtable Report from Feb 2008 to June 2008

Budget for this year has been approved. Expect audit

Focus on our Mandate/Mission –assisting sk’s take action through building partnerships, education and support.


MOT – out of courtesy


Stewardship Centre for BC:

Rejoined as a director to the program. This position will consist of one meeting a year where the directors will overview the past year and upcoming workplan to ensure that the SCBC stays true to their mandate. Minutes and agenda for all meetings will be forwarded and reviewed.

StewardshipWorks! Our committee was able to send out an expression of interest paper and we had a very high level of interest. We developed a criteria list and used this to assist in determining which of the organizations that we would be able to fund this round.The first evaluations are taking place now, we look forward to building capacity that will allow us to grant core funding dollars to additional groups as we know the need is great. These are not high amounts, grants are $2,500.00 or 5,000.00 for the year.


Pacific Salmon Foundation:

Community Salmon Program. On review and selection committee. Staff continues to build partnerships, including dollars and capacity. This has increased the number of grants being awarded.

Fraser Salmon and Watersheds Program (Chair) This has been an intense time of finetuning our process, reviewing funding for projects that fulfill or work towards one (or more) of the stratgeys within the Fraser Basin Living Rivers business plan.

Stratigic Salmon Recover Program (Chair) Review of SSRP process and those projects that come from a community process hat have been accepted to be funded.

PSF board review committee (Chair) – we have put forward the programs that have gone through their selection process, this includes, all the business line strategic initiatives from FSWP area, PSF strategic initiatives and enablers as well as SSRP and CSP. All the reccomendations for acceptance were put to the executive and the full board of PSF for final approval.


$’s from FSWP storm drain marking, barriers to fish passage

Tslum River as a case study


Georgia Basin Living Rivers

On the board of directors. We reviewed and approved this years workplan for Georgia Basin, Vancouver Island. Our board members and staff toured the Capilano watershed to see the works being done on outmigrating juvenile coho. Marked recapture accessment as well as transporting the smolts safely over the dam. Adult steelhead and coho are trucked above the dam to spawn naturally above the Metro Vancouver drinking water resivour. We were also able to tour with Island Timberlands and TimberWest staff and consultatants their private timberlands, techniques and process. They showed us where they had exceeded the requirements of the private lands logging regulations on the properties where we toured.



Marine Consultation Caucus:

Board member. Meeting were held with DFO as to salmon***************


Fisheries Act: Update. It appears the Act will be tabled in July. After it is tabled is when we can anticipate a very large consultation process. Keep your ears open!


Streamkeepers trainers: We trained two new instructors for in the East Kootenays region and two new instructors for the West Kootenays.



Wild Salmon Policy attended day two of the recent process. Day one was when there was explanations of habitat indicators, update etc. Will review outcomes as they become available at (URL HERE)


Workshop 2009. Planning committee has been formed and committees are beginning to take shape. The workshop will be held on the May long weekend in 2009 at Thomas Haney High School in Maple Ridge. Similar accommodations as in Williams Lake at Thompson University. Having session rooms, display area, nearby stream and large eating area all onsite allows for more time of sharing and learning with less commute time. The theme is “Sustaining the Spirit” Session topic and speaker ideas are welcome at this time. We will begin to hone the number of sessions to capture a wide range of topics that are related to our activities working with salmon and salmon habitat.


Ugly Bug Ball: The PSkF and CA’s from the Lower Fraser come together to plan this volunteer recognition extravaganza on the non workshop year. June 28th ~ 100 people that work with DFO salmon enhancement and streamkeeper projects will come together to celebrate. Our them is “How we use the Arts to get our message out” groups and individuals will be bring examples to share with others, ie: paintings, brochures, videos, poetry, quilting, horticulture, wooden fish, jewellery. Salmon and streams will come alive at the A Rocha environment centre in Surrey.


Insurance $100 – 2 mil$150 for 5 mil 550.00 for hatcherys



Vital Signs – Field Guide snap shot for future



PSkF attended and set up displays, lent displays and tents, tables etc


Conservation - #’s on the streambed written as an allocation to FN (commons)