SEHAB Member Round Table May 2006
Pacific Streamkeepers Federation
Opportunities for review / consultations
PFRCC / WSP meeting – (Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Caucus and Wild
Salmon Policy) I was away on leave at the time of meeting, but reviewed and commented on the report prior to meeting and will be kept up to date as results move forward
- need to focus on the Streamkeepers handbook and Modules this is place where methods for monitoring are all under one roof. The modules used as a whole will take group from getting to know their streams to knowing how they function and who lives within them, water quality / quantity / change overtime. Many institutions are taking pieces of the handbook to augment their programs. While they are taking good information the program is fractured, use of full handbook / modules is intent of Streamkeepers.
PFRCC newest report – ( Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Caucus) Managing Pacific Salmon for ecosystem Values is now in print – PSkF reviewed and gave comment (but was already at the printers) so comments were used to formulate some of the questions at the forum
RAR – (Riparian Areas Regulation) Still opportunity to comment. Additional information as to Municipalities and whether they are looking to adopt the RAR or going the “met or beat routine”
QEP (Qualified Environmental Professionals) reports are being monitored for quality both of the regulation / method and QEP’s (QEP’s do not need to go through the training to become qualified)
EPMP – (Environmental Process Modernization Plan) 13 Operating Statements – Process is showing what wasn’t working before & still isn’t. Need to watch and see how improvements can be made in reporting and rectifying problems.
Steelhead – Kudos to those who wrote and set up hatchery debate meeting for steelhead enhancement on the Cheakamus. This was good opportunity to discuss the merits and challenges of enhancement, highlighted the need for BMP’s for hatchery management. Opportunity to ask questions as a whole body and all hear the same answers.
Meetings: Met with BC’s NGO’s on water policy – many changes happening across be. Items
like the reduction in monitoring were brought up here. Greta group, but unfortunately was done as a parting meeting for the planners. Need to get people to plan these events on their first day rather then on their last one.
Citizen Science Network
National organization. PSkF will be speaking at the upcoming Valuing Nature
Conference in Cornerbrook Newfoundland – (many thanks to PSF and DFO (Pacific Salmon Foundation and Department of Fisheries and Oceans) for their contributions towards conference fees, flights ….
Fraser Assembly – Provincial announcement of an additional 14 million in contributions to the Fraser Basin Living Rivers business plan.
Inaugural meeting of Fraser Assembly will be held beginning of June
New Streamkeepers trainer in Salmo BC check out Gerry Nellestijn’ s bio
Stock assessment video – PSkF working with DFO to produce a video on stock assessment – needs / options of data collection methods – use of data – what the data means …
Volunteer recognition event – Lower mainland CA’s working with PSkF to put on Ugly Bug Ball 2   Coming June 17
Stewardship centre for BC – Has society papers / name in place.
- Web casting for main hall presentations for Valuing Nature conference July 6:
July 7:
July 8:
● CD’s are being produced of the full Stewardship series to be sent to on the ground Stewardship Centres for their library
● Adult education – Looking for ways to provide on-line education on the Stewardship Centre
Community concern
Still looking for action when concerns are brought forward. How much damage is
TOO much? Community sees things through different lens and I don’t believe they are wrong. Erosion of habitat through a thousand cuts. See 
Lack of response to letters written to Provincial Ministers, staff