SEHAB Round Table
Pacific Streamkeepers Federation February 17 2007
I truly missed being at the October SEHAB meeting and hearing news from across the Province from those who work with and within the SEP / Streamkeepers Community.
Update on boards that PSkF participates in:
Pacific Salmon Foundation:
PSF continue on the community salmon Programs review committee, PSF can plan ahead better now as there is additional stability to the funding through a change in the contribution agreement by DFO. The mount of funds produced by fishing license sales that make up a large portion of the CSP are now based on the previous year’s sales, this way we know from the beginning of the process what will be available to be distributed to community.
- Review of ____ # (30) of projects for October funding round with ____ $’s being granted to community. The spring funding round has just closed and I look forward to reviewing these to see the direction and interest of our active, vibrant stewardship community.
- Living Rivers a Gordon Campbell liberal initiative has provided new opportunity to work with PSF on policy / planning. I am a part of the Fraser Salmon and Watershed Program as a PSF board committee member, which is the final review before the full board approval for projects / program funding.
- At this time we need to do a more in-depth review of the projects then scheduled and this will continue until the full review process is confirmed and operating as laid out.
- Funds directed through CN to the Squamish River Watershed Recovery Plan. These go through a local review process then to our PSF board committee and then to the full PSF board.
- The PSF board of directors is accountable that funds going to community fulfill the mandate of PSF and funders.
Stewardship Centre for BC:
- Inaugural AGM for this new society took place October 16, 2007. The interim
board was able to form the necessary governance requirements and paperwork to transfer for a government base organization to a partnership of government, aquatic / terrestrial stewardship community and industry. The society registered in March 2006, our interim steering committee created the governing documents, mission, vision, objectives etc. While continuing to support the foundation tools such as the stewardship series and initiating new program ideas such as Healthy People Healthy ecosystems. The number of candidate names that were suggested as potential board members is from the vast diversity of environmentally aware British Columbians, shows how alive stewardship is through the province and throughout government, industry and community.
- These new director candidates have agreed to form the new board for SCBC with alternates responding to the call as well.
- Attached is SCBC working groups and committees for 2006
Marine Conservation Caucus
- Fisheries Act, while I’ve been unable to attend the two meetings I have had the
benefit of reviewing minutes and action items. This ties into CEN who is reviewing the Fisheries Act on a national level.
South Coast Steelhead C - February meeting provided a forum for MLA Ralph Sultan to speak to the group as to his role in the Steelhead caucus – minutes from this meeting can be found at -----
Salmon Enhancement and Habitat Advisory Board
SEHAB – chair of communications. - The upcoming EPMP workshop gave the board members a chance to again use their area group email listings to allow for the flow of information from the organizing team to community and back in a timely and efficient manner. Community was consulted as to how to prioritize the large number of issues on fisheries management that had been gathered, they brought forward top three issues to set the agenda for the EPMP workshop. (many of the other issues will fit under these and the others are recorded for future meetings)
- Prepared for Friday Night Forum, these have become a popular informative time with community.
- SEHAB website is where all the presentation on EPMP and resource materials has been put for community access
- I have submitted several articles that will be in the upcoming February edition of
StreamTalk. Additional information will also be available on our website. StreamTalk is a wonderful communications tool for the aquatic stewardship community.
Wild winter Lots if new LWD added to our streams, we’ll have some difficulties determining bankful (BF) channel for the next while as streams went  beyond BF many times through the fall and early winter.
Those doing spawner surveys this fall found themselves unable to get in safely and may need to rely on fry trapping info to give us a better understanding of adult returns.  From conversations around the province, coho numbers were low this year PSkF will be continuing “involving” community in their desire to understand the capacity of the habitat within their streams and the numbers of fish who currently enjoy there surroundings