Roundtable Report  Salmon Enhancement and Habitat Advisory Board
June 9th and 10th, 2007                                         
Pacific Streamkeepers Federation (PSkF) SEHAB Member - ZoAnn Morten
Salmon Enhancement and Habitat Advisory Board (SEHAB) – Communications Chair
Please see report
Stewardship Centre for BC (SCBC)
I have stepped down as co chair and am happy to have passed the reigns to a new enthusiastic board of directors. I have stayed active on two SCBC committees – Adult Education and Stewardship Works!
- Adult Ed will share some learning opportunities for online lessens and highlight topics, of interest, bringing the information to one webpage. Joanne Day and I will be presenting at the upcoming UBCM on storm drain awareness and protection.
- Stewardship Works! Is a program to address the identified core funding needs of stewardship groups. We have funding for program development as well as pilots for core funding. A meeting to discuss this new initiative was held May 23, we were encourage by the mix of participants 1/3 funders, 1/3 Gov’t and 1/3 community stewards. This is a very exciting opportunity!
Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF)
The workload and programming at the PSF has increased greatly for their
staff and for those on this active Board of Directors.
Community Salmon Programs (CSP):
I continue to be on the selection committee, with additional funds being generated, we have been able to more fully support the applications. We funded 75 projects for ~ $480,000
Fraser Salmon and Watersheds Program (FSWP): (will take on the Chair position next meeting) This is a very active committee with
ongoing processes and policy. Oversees the strategic projects that support the FSWP Fraser Living Rivers Business Plan undertaken by the Fraser Assembly. Funded 30 projects for ~ $1.1 million
Fraser Basin Initiative (FBI):
On selection committee, we have one funding round session under our belt. Very
quick turn around time with many applicants and limited finances. Funding themes are Governance, Education, Strategic Fishing and Water. 32 projects funded for ~ 1.2 million

PSF review Sub-Committee:
Will be responsible for the oversight of the programs and will present accepted
projects to the BOD of PSF as they are accountable for funds and program objectives being met.
CSP- majority of applicants are volunteer community / provincial steelhead teams
FSWP – Majority of projects consultant driven
FBI – Majority of applicants are consultants or First Nations driven
Vancouver Dinner Volunteer
Best ever Vancouver Dinner with net proceeds totaling over $180,000 which is wonderful especially considering we were up against hockey playoffs.
PSF has reduced the number of full board meetings and increased the number of committees and increased the number of review and selection meetings.
Georgia Basin Living Rivers (GBLR):
On BOD, review of GBLR work plans for upcoming year. Recently went before
the LR Advisory Group with an expanded business plan which was accepted.
Marine Conservation Council (MCC):
Met at end of March – reviewed status of committees
Citizen Science Network:
National group, meets via conference call
Keep up to date on programming for Citizen Science, get to share what worked / what didn’t with other mid sized ENGO’s
SEP Workshop 2007– Williams Lake On organizing committee
Please see report
Environmental Process Modernization Plan (EPMP):
On organizing committee
Please see report to be posted at
Wild Salmon Policy (WSP) Habitat Indicators:
Meeting taking place on June 26th, will report at next roundtable and will watch for questions we can take to community to help in the implementation of strategy 2 of WSP
Citizen Science Toolkit Building:
Conference in Ithaca New York June 20 – 24
On the “Building and Sustaining Citizen Science” committee and also on the
conference panel to explore Impacts of Citizen Science. This will be an intense working conference and I will post links to the “white papers” that are produced during it.
PSkF Membership:
Renewal date is April 15
Change in the VIP insurance policy $100.00 minimum for $2,000,000.00 in
coverage, this covers first 33 members then $3.00 for each additional member $150.00 minimum for $5,000,000.00 in coverage, this covers first 30 members
$5.00 for each additional member A quick survey showed that groups understood the need to have a
minimum payment, and were still very thankful that the policy is so complete and inexpensive.
New Streamkeepers Trainer Gerry Nellestjin of Salmo is conducting his first Streamkeepers training
session this month and has two more already lined up.

SEHAB Communications Report
EPMP communications went well, many SEHAB members used their group email contact lists to get the word out.
- for those who have yet to complete their area group email listings, please do so ASAP as this will ensure that SEHAB is able to get the word out about any future meetings or consultation opportunities
- Jack and ZoAnn (as part of the organizing team) assisted greatly in communication during the full planning timeline
- Consultant has also complied a large email distribution list which he has forwarded to DFO as part of his contract
We held a communications conference call and emailed as to gifts to be purchased for speakers / panel members etc for our Friday Night Forums as well as for during our SEHAB meetings, We determined to purchase 1 Gig memory sticks with SEHAB logo and URL .  We also purchased supplies for meetings, and had the SEHAB members name tags made up, please remember these for each meeting and for Friday Night Forums.
We upgraded the site to a new server, Canadian-based, reliable and offered larger capacity for less money. Our site was used to collect and house all the EPMP pre-registration and workshop materials as well as where we posted the final report.
Our agenda and approved minutes/roundtables are posted as well as our Friday Night Forum speakers power points (with their approvals)
Members only message board – new SEHAB members please sign on, for all board members, please post relevant materials here
Still unclear as to letters to / from SEHAB as to where/when these are to be shared / posted?
Send directly to webmaster with *post to SEHAB as the subject This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
SEHAB group photo, it is time for a new photo so come prepared to the October meeting. Brightly coloured outdoorsy looking clothes. New member will get their head shots taken at the same time and anyone who wants can update theirs as well.
Our committee has taken a hit with the loss of Gord, Doug and Brian as well as the secretariat position person being a part of the communications team.

Workshop 2007 Report
Williams Lake, BC
I enjoyed being a part of the workshop 2007 organizing committee, the teams dedication to task and especially their observation of items that would expand the footprint of the workshop was amazing. Many thanks to Bev Bowler for her contribution of time and talent in the design and layout of the registration forms, Joanne Day in getting the distribution of these done through StreamTalk and Pat Morten the PSkF webmaster for creation of a workshop 2007 website and for keeping it up to date throughout the workshop planning timeframe.
The Streamkeepers Board of Directors again came through to man the registration table throughout the weekend, assisted with set up / tear down and even got prizes for the bus ride home. SEHAB board members were a great help with drink ticket and CD sales.
Total registration numbers 153
There was a wide variety of topics for sessions. The top attendance was for Climate
Change and Salmon Distribution.
During each workshop additional knowledge is gained and recorded as to participant’s expectations / ideas for improvements / kudos (must do’s). There are Workshop binders that the organizing team receives to assist in the planning process. Workshop 2007 was the 9
SEP community workshop to be held and we were able to build on the past, each workshop is getting a little easier to plan and to be successful.
There is a small working group reviewing the Workshop TOR’s.
Submitted by ZoAnn Morten
June 9th, 2007