Faith in new government crumbling. Latest news last night of Lelu Island going ahead doesn't help
New policy to come but will it be better? Will it be clearly written so as to be enforceable? Will it be enforced? By whom?
New BC school curriculum will bring onslaught of new school interest. Stream to Sea Programming is idela for new learning outcomes teaching
Need to get a better understanding of DFO stream to sea program to help funnel this interest and look at non harmful ways for students to interact and learn of streams
We hear of new partnerships forming. Looking for solid support for the existing longterm partnerships that are in place with department
$s for new partnership is large quantities - mostly restoration works based
Small dollars are hard to get out the door
Rfcpp large dollars allows for 90% of funds up front - small dollars for PIP and there is a need for deliverables to be delivered before funds are released PIP is mostly volunteer groups while the bigger projects are RFCPP
Sep budgets stagnant

Take care ZoAnn