PSkF / SEHAB roundtable report Nov 2017

Lots of opportunity for input to processes this past year.

  Fisheries Act - HADD was a focus to have included in new Act
 Standing Committee report was accepted and agreed upon by department. Now to see what the outcome will be from the processes put into place. Hoping Dec / early Jan to hear this. Funding through DFO to restoration has increased dramatically so hoping this links to habitat, and will be  seen as one way to rebuild fish stocks. Rebuild / restore are words that would be helpful in the Act.

 Wild Salmon Policy - consultative process with DFO is back on track with staff taking the draft implementation plan to areas of the Province for input as well as an online workbook. 

 * Caution as to if habitat and resource management are still separate in their delivery of policy, then the delivery will be compartmentalized. It’s important that habitat be recognized as important to the resource. Where authority has been delegated elsewhere, it is important the DFO, as the Federal agency (lead government) ensure that where they have delegated authority it is indeed protecting the resource as intended.

 Provincial government diking. The management of dikes is causing concern as to damage to fish habitat. Softer infrastructure with long term thinking as to higher waters, additional hard surfaces causing more runoff, lack of vegetation to allow for transpiration...... need for DFO and Provincial governments to work together to allow for the provisions in the Fisheries Act to be successful.

 Many groups undertaking Spawner Surveys using the DFO Streamkeeper Stream Inspection Log protocols. This data can help inform the WSP as well as the strong monitoring platforms such as Module 1,2,3,4 and 11. Where spawner surveys for pinks were undertaken they showed low returns.

 Low waters from natural run off as well as low waters from lack of infrastructure maintenance makes it hard for returning adults to successfully spawn in their natal streams.