Stewardship and Education


Salmon Enhancement And Habitat Advisory Board (SEHAB) Roundtable

Date January 29, 2011 North Vancouver

Area: North coast

Representative:Jan Lemon

Community Advisor: Rob Dams


New aqua culture licensing has been presented by CA Rob Dams to the groups.Rob felt it was process that in the end would work out and he would be available to get it started and to help where needed.

Resource Restoration

Most of the groups in this area continueworking with the habitat issues for their particular projects.

In Terrace the Rod and Gun Club continues to work on Hurly Creek which isa small urban stream.


Habitat - Oceans, Estuaries and Marine (Oceans, Habitat and Enhancement

1.Fish Hatcheries

Salmon Enhancement (Oceans, Habitat and Enhancement)

1.Oldfield creek (Prince Rupert Salmon Enhancement Society)continues to work on all their enhancement projects. They have a good group of young volunteers manly from the college and their push this year will be to make the facility into an interretive centre as well as a hatchery.

2) The Lakelse Watershed Societycontinue to do good works and the results from the pilot project which .  Ian Maxwell and CA Rob Dams did last fall when they set-up an adult fence and viewing camera in Scully Creek last fall was very positive.Plans to continue and acquire different and better DVR system this year is coming together nicely


3.Oona River experienced a 100 year flood in late summer which was very unusual.Piles of rock covered the Hatcherywater intake and it was decided that since the water supply was compromised it would be best to not take brood stock as part of the public awareness and education programme. Efforts to remove the rock will happen as soon as water temperatures and low flows over the weir occur, probably first thing this spring. Oona River Resources Association completed their chum survey of Kumeleon and the report can be viewed on the pacific Salom Commission web site

Stewardship & Community Involvement

1.The new group in Alice Arm continues their plans in a small scale Area 3 chum enhancement or habitat restoration projects. This an interesting area and has much potential


2. The Terrace Rod and Gun Club continue enthiusiatically working on Hurley Creek, a small urban coho/cutthroat stream in the Thornhill

3.Bear River Society in Stewart is now running an interruptive centre.