SEHAB Member: Don Lowen

Area: South Vancouver Island, Southern Gulf Islands

Community Advisor: Erica Blake

Date: November 3, 2011


SEHAB Work Plan 2010-2011

Local Issue, Specific Examples

Actions by Community or DFO

SEHAB Opportunity

Wild Salmon Policy




Stock Assessment

Goldstream River Fuel Spill – Coho and chum are staging in Finlayson Arm. Volunteers concerned that there are few fish in river because of lingering pockets of fuel.

Department participating as a member of a Technical Working Group, including industry, MOE and FN’s. Comprehensive monitoring and remediation strategy. Next TWG meeting November 30th.

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Dam Decommission: Demamiel Creek – Bill James Dam valve removed late October. Volunteers (SSES) remain concerned about impact on water levels next summer for 2.5K 2011 coho.*

Sooke Salmon Enhancement volunteers will meet with Erica Blake and Tom Rutherford November 9th to determine a monitoriing strategy for 2011 brood in Dumamiel Creek, following decommisioning of Bill James Dam. Deparrtment could not afford combined cost of upgrading dam and access road, plus cost of dam safety review. (See July/11 roundtable report)

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