SEHAB Member: Ian Bruce

Area: Southern Vancouver Island

Community Advisor: Shawn Kerr

Date: November 2015

Key Issues:

What top three points can you distill from community input to take to DFO RHQ?

1.  Lack of enforcement on Fishery issues-illegal fishing, FN and non-FN - no C & P in sight... no returning phone calls or emails

2.  FPP perceived as lax on developments; Asking about efforts to address lost habitat protection from Harper changes to fisheries act – i.e. only fishery fish....

3. Drought - water storage opportunities - DFO could take a bigger role


Bob Cox...RIP ..ex prov biologist, both feet in with Peninsula Streams.. headed up awarding Friends of Swan Creek Watershed

Concerns : 

New CA...but only for 6 months; concern that the right people get into the position-not regulatory;

SVI: coho small or late lots of jacks;

RFCPP for us working well ...two projects delivered - TCF and Swan Creek;

Approval for Section 9 expedited; but fish collection permit 2 months late...

Fishway over Tod Creek (Butchart Gardens Dam)  - success story...... 

Issues Specific to SEHAB’s Work Plan:

SEHAB Work Plan

Local Issue, Specific  Examples

Actions by Community or DFO

SEHAB Opportunity

Wild Salmon Policy (Stock Assessment, Habitat)

Disconnect, spills, EC, Shorelines

Encourage public Report

Add shoreline issues as a specific subject area for FPP to deal with.. Green Shores psh - outreach to coastal municipalities; attend UBCM to educate/connect

Guide DFO





Capacity & Core Funding

RRU & RFCPP support, 

Plan/push for Resources now or after the election for staffing

Push DFO to reallocate resources to SEP/PIP