SEHAB Member: Dianne Sanford

Area: Sunshine Coast and Powell River

Community Advisor:  NONE

Meeting Date: Feb 25,26 2017

Specific topics from last meeting or between meetings requiring comment


Possible change to SEHAB contract/role as described by Adam and Tina at last meeting.  Please describe how you see SEHAB now and where would you like to it go in the future.

SEHAB’s role is to be the voice of the community that each member represents, and it should remain so.


Letter to Minister LeBlanc re: Fisheries Act Review.  Please provide specific examples of failure of the new Act or things you would like to see changed. 

Habitat destruction in riparian areas occurs frequently with no reporting.         The “self assessment” format of reporting possible destruction of fish or fish habitat  does not work.

CA Staffing. Please provide input as to relative importance of CAs to community groups in your area, their priority in terms of SEP funding constraints, and whether your area has/is well served by your CA.

WE HAVE NO CA!                                                                                                                          A presence of Fisheries and Oceans Canada is crucial to our communities. Without a CA, there is no human face to DFO, and no-one to call when there are questions or concerns.                                                                                                                                       A CA is essential to support community groups and guide them in their endeavours in preserving and restoring our streams and salmon.  A help line cannot provide advice to a group on how to approach a project, or where there may be others who have done similar things.


Identify up to 5 succinct issues that  you or your community would like SEHAB to take to DFO?


Where should SEHAB direct this concern?

Actions already taken by Community or DFO?

Possible solutions?

SEHAB opportunity and Work Plan fit?

Issue 1:

Areas in the province that have no CA’s need to have them.



The Minister

Many requests to DFO and

Hire CA’s for these areas.



Issue 2:

Trudeau needs to keep his promises







Issue 3:Enforcement cannot carry on in the “self reporting” method.





Issue 4:





Issue 5:





*SEHAB Work Plan/Sub Committees are: Wild Salmon Policy (Stock Assessment, Habitat), Aquaculture, and Capacity & Core Funding

Stories: Highlight important successes and challenges in your area that you would like to discuss this meeting. This can also be a place to provide background for the issues listed above.





















Submissions and Comments from Community Groups:

Powell River – no comments

Sunshine Coast Conservation Association – concern that there is no Community Advisor

or any DFO presence on the Sunshine Coast, southern area.