Roundtable Report for SEHAB


Date: January 28, 29 and 30/ 2011


Community Advisor: Sandie Hollick Kenyon


Area: Port Moody to West Vancouver


Area Representative: Brian Smith (Hatchery Manager Seymour Salmonid Society)


Aquaculture Licensing


I am disappointed that DFO did not consult with SEHAB prior to the decision being made that aquaculture licenses would be required for any person/community group/school program/federal facility, basically anyone involved with salmon enhancement.Is this not the type of issue that DFO should be soliciting our advice on??


Many questions have come to me from my area about this new licensing requirement and I would like to bring these questions to the attention of SEHAB and DFO.I hope that some of these questions can be answered at this meeting by DFO representatives.


1  .Will the licences be specific to each community organization/individual/school group etc. Or will bulk licensing occur in certain circumstances.I don’t see the point of bulk licensing.

2.Most groups involved with enhancement have to sign an annual contract with DFO.Will these new licenses reflect the contract obligations?

3.What will be the reporting responsibilities for these new contracts?Will they be the same as what is required in the DFO contract?

4.Who in DFO will be responsible to ensure that license obligations and DFO contract obligations are met?Should not license and contract obligations be the same?

5.Whose responsibility will it be to apply for these licenses?Are CA’S involved in the development of the licenses?

6.I understand that this will be an annual license.Will there be a charge for this license?If not is there a commitment that there won’t be a charge in the future?


These are only a few examples of the questions that are coming from my area.


Joint Water use Planning (JWUP) Capilano and Seymour Watersheds


·Please refer to Eric Carlisle’s report for details.I wanted to mention that Eric and I are on the Consultative Committee as well as a Fisheries Sub Committee.The Terms of Reference (TOR) are still being worked out for the Consultative committee and any sub committees.

·The TOR will be ratified at the next meeting in the last week of February 2011.

·Minutes of the previous meeting will be approved at the next meeting and then posted on a Metro Vancouver web site.Once Eric and I have this web site address one of us will forward it to SEHAB.

·The time commitment for this process is intimidating.Eric and I will be participating in a minimum 12 six hour meetings for the Consultative Committee plus another possible 12 meetings for the Fisheries Sub Committee in one year.Twenty four all day meetings in one year.

·I am confident that this process will result in benefits for both watersheds.


Stream Urbanization


A volunteer from my area (Miles Hogan) has approached me about his concerns that there is not enough emphasis placed on protecting urban streams and that there should be more cooperation between DFO and Municipalities to protect riparian areas on urban streams.Miles has produced a two page report that we can reference.Two questions come to mind from his report:


1.Is there any formal agreement between municipalities and DFO to protect riparian zones on urban streams and reclaim the areas when possible?

2.What is the status of the Environmental Review Committees?Miles concerns seem to be a perfect fit for an Environmental Review Committee.


Brian Smith