Roundtable Report – Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Mission Area   Feb. 2008 Submitted by Dave Smith:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Urbanization of the watershed, hardening of the lowlands, wetlands, loss of riparian habitat, impact on main stems and tributaries. Thornvale, Spenser
Storm water management issues – using our creeks and streams as storm water/ surface water drainage systems for new developments.
The loss of our local ERC (environmental review committee) First the Province backed away, so has DFO.  Only District or City now meets with developer.
Blue Mountain Forest Lands – Katzie and Kwantlen Community Forest and Woodlot Agreements with BC Min of Forests.  Public input and meetings have been held.
These will impact Kanaka and the Alouette Rivers as well as the south side of Golden Ears Park / Alouette Lake.
Tourism, Sports + Arts Ministry will re activating the Blue Mountain Recreational Strategy meetings in early 2008 with rec stakeholders.

Vanc – Fraser Port Authority – proposed marine cargo / container docking, loading, unloading facility in Mission on farmland in the Silverdale wetlands. Jim Taylor and the Stave Valley Salmon Enhancement Society, Wetlands Patrol, Tom Cadieux, Neighbours and Silverdale Community Assoc. put on a public meeting, MP Randy Kemp, Secretary to the Fisheries Minister, was there as well CEO, President and VP of Procurement were there from the Port Authority. I have sent SEHAB the info.  Five facility centres are being proposed throughout lower mainland to meet consumer cargo/
container needs of ever increasing population.

Golden Ears Bridge impacts on Katzie Slough, low, wet areas are now filled and culverted.
Over 30 southwest BC proposed “in stream” Hydro projects – ie: Run of the River proposals. Will impact Pitt Lake and the upper Pitt Valley all the way to Squamish.
Run of River Power Inc. at Pitt River Power Cluster at  Project description at [PDF] Upper Pitt River
Fall activities included; Sex on the Rocks (return of the salmon – ROTS) late Oct.  and the Fraser Valley Eagle festival in mid Nov. with displays, interactive models, info and handouts, photos/calendar sales for our Stewardship Centre. Mike Stefiuk has collected and created over 2200 photos of our watershed, wildlife, flora + fauna and unique natural features. photos
90 Education programs were held with both students (K1 – 12) and adults, topics included FRY (fish reaching youth), Watershed Roadshow, Brook Learning, Outside Adventures, Watershed Animals and Mammals, Salmon Egg Takes, Salmon Dissection. Over 3600 visitors/participants since Sept. 30, 2007
Trail work with DFO, Metro Vanc. + HHA  (Haney Horsemen Association) re established the 264
– north/south trail after spring erosion had closed it. 
Page  2    Dave Smith - Round Table – Feb. 2008
The Bell – Irving Hatchery has 217, 000 eyed CHUM eggs, 140, 000 COHO eggs and 416, 000 eyed PINK eggs.  Brood stock numbers were estimated at 2007 Chum return at 3,500 and Coho at 680 - 720 and the Pinks at approx 150 – 200.  There were 1200 Chum, 64 coho and 26 Pinks counted through the Kanaka Fish Fence Trap (Oct. – Dec. 3
).  No Coho Fry were released in 2007 due to no Coho Brood Stock was taken in winter 2006, due to high waters. The sump and pump house were replaced, still need to upgrade backup power supply.  Salmon in the Classroom started late Jan. in area Schools.
Kanaka Watershed Stewardship Centre now has an architectural landscape plan for our new facility – preliminary plans are being reworked and it will go out for Tender by late summer / early fall. 
The Thornhill Residents have begun to test their wells and groundwater with data being collected in cooperation with the Province + Distr. of Maple Ridge regarding ground / well water health and whether it is potable. East M.R.
The Canadian Environment Gold Medal Award was presented to Jim Taylor of the Stave Valley Salmon Enhancement Society + Wetlands Patrol of Mission BC. Jim was presented a BC Community Award in April 2007 in Victoria. As a school teacher Jim regularly works with Tom Cadieux in Mission watersheds.
Dr. Paul Lawson of UBC, Malcolm Knapp Forest (Alouette watersheds) has just returned to his duties after 10 months overseeing the Tree clean up program in Stanley Park caused by last winter’s devastation.
Jenny Ljunggren, executive director / manager for ARMS (Alouette River Management Society) who has dedicated the last 15 years to the Alouette Rivers Watersheds (Christmas Hamper Society, Adopt-a- Block, Festival Society, Rivers Day and more) has been diagnosed with terminal lung and brain cancer, she is already wanting for Palliative Care placement.  The community has come together to set up an account for her children – she is a single parent with 2 teenage daughters – 2 community funding events have been held for the Jenny account – 1 just last weekend.  The Alouette Group is in a state of shock and turmoil and Jenny will be missed not only by the Stewardship community but by the larger community because of her active involvement in so many aspects of Maple Ridge community.  A very sad time for Geoff Clayton  and ARMS  -  any encouragement or help would greatly appreciated. 24959 Alouette  Rd. Allco Park, Maple Ridge, BC, V4R 1R8    Ph: 604-467-6401 Fax: 604-467-6478
The first invitational meeting for Workshop 2009 is slated for Feb. 14 in Maple Ridge. It will be an informational, theme creating meeting with regular meetings to be held over the next 15 months, leading up to May 2009.