SEHAB, The Voice of the Salmon Enhancement Program Volunteer



Our Vision: Pacific Region communities living sustainably within the natural limitations of healthy ecosystems supporting abundant and biologically diverse Pacific salmonids.


Our Mission: SEHAB C.A.R.E.S.  SEHAB is the voice of the volunteer community dedicated to:




Educating, and

Supporting its endeavours.

SEHAB and the community have a shared commitment of ensuring functioning ecosystems supporting viable, genetically diverse and abundant indigenous fish populations.


Our partner, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)


DFO Vision: Excellence in service to Canadians to ensure the sustainable development and safe use of Canadian waters.


DFO Mission: It is our mission, as DFO employees, to deliver to Canadians the following outcomes:

  • Safe and Accessible Waterways;
  • Healthy and Productive Aquatic Ecosystems; and
  • Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture.

In working toward these outcomes, the Department will be guided by the principles of sound scientific knowledge and effective management.

DFO Mandate, on behalf of the Government of Canada, DFO is responsible for developing and implementing policies and programs in support of Canada’s scientific, ecological, social and economic interests in oceans and fresh waters.

Salmonid Enhancement Program:


The Salmonid Enhancement Program (SEP) plays a key role in DFO's work to conserve and manage Pacific salmon stocks. The program's activities aim to rebuild vulnerable salmon stocks, provide harvest opportunities, work with First Nations and coastal communities in economic development, and improve fish habitat to sustain salmon populations. SEP broke new ground when it was launched in 1977 by working closely with citizens and schools to raise awareness of salmon conservation and to carry out hands-on community salmon enhancement and stewardship projects. Three of the program's main activities are:



SEHAB Member:    Dianne Ramage

Area:                          Lower Fraser North Side

Community Advisor:         Maurice Coulter-Boisvert

Date:                          November 2012

SEHAB Work Plan 2011-2012

Local Issue, Specific  Examples

Actions by Community or DFO

SEHAB Opportunity

Wild Salmon Policy:

Cohen Commission Report Released


Habitat Protection and Enforcement

Stock Assessment

Salmon Enhancement

All support the Cohen Commission Review and strongly urge the Prime Minister to implement the 75 Recommendations

All are concerned about the changes to Fisheries Act, CEAA and the 1986 Habitat Policy and other environmental regulations in the Federal Budget Implementation Acts

C-38 2012,

C-45 2012 and

C-10 2009

More protest marches outside of Conservative MPs offices, attendance at the protest in Victoria organized by, many groups have written and signed petitions to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, The Prime Minister, the Auditor General, the Governor General, their MPs, local newspapers

Send a letter to Prime Minster urging him to implement the 75 Cohen Commission Recommendations

Continue to act as a conduit for information

Keep sight of good things also happening


Pacific Aquaculture Policy and SEP:

Annual License/ Permit



3 groups piloting holding PAR Licence:  Thorton Creek, Chapman Creek and Oona River


Some groups also piloting the use of the BMPs and providing feedback to Region

DFO continues to hold the PAR Licenses, this is great news to the community

SEHAB to organize a meeting of all PIP and CEDP reps with National Aquaculture DM , legal counsel and Regional Staff in time to report out at the SEP workshop and prior to re-licensing 2013 

Capacity and Funding

Core Funding

Project Funding


Many groups receiving project grants from local business and organizations

Loss of Fisheries Offices, and DFO capacity to act on habitat issues still the responsibility of DFO

5 C&P Offices to be closed, 22 C&P given deployment letters

Ensure groups monitor and create good stream baselines with Module 1-4+7& 11 so damage can be documented and recorded

Continue to act as a conduit for information


SEHAB Submissions, Comments from Groups:

Interview with Maurice Coulter Boisvert, Community Advisor North side of Fraser, Lower Fraser Area

Chum confirmed by city of Burnaby in Buckingham Creek Upstream of Burnaby Lake, not often documented since 1960 when Highway One was built.  Due to new fish way at Cariboo Dam, done without being compelled by Metro Vancouver, more chum can make it up stream past dam 


Exceptionally strong chum return to lower Fraser, coho just beginning to come in, not a pink year though a few returned to the Coquitlam as they have in even years in the past


Habitat restoration projects : Many Collaborative projects completed this summer:

Eagle Creek rearing pond upstream of the now navigable Lougheed highway

Stoney Creek modification of existing project complete with valve to control inflow and outflow and upstream combination of shallow riffle weir and creation of a pool and riffle sequence in an area that was bedrock controlled

Upper Coquitlam - Orr Creek new intake for existing habitat complex on Orr Creek and addition of stabilizing weir to improve flows to a side channel important for the hatchery operations

PoCo Hatchery Completion of a new roof at AL Griss Memorial Hatchery run by PCDHFC 

Sadly almost all of the 15,000 adipose fin clipped coho smolts at PoCo hunting AL Griss Hatchery were lost due to water supersaturation after the water line was voluntarily and for free replaced by Metro Vancouver 

River Springs retrofit and mold remediation of hatchery is now completed compact incubation recirculating system

Hyde Creek fundraising for drilling of new well almost complete.  Well development expected to occur later this year

Kanaka Creek Bell Irving Hatchery has been demolished, Bids are coming in for the reconstruction of the hatchery portion, Temporary incubation facilities have been installed in the pump control shed  using the newly developed and tested compact incubation recirculating system.

Completion of the hatchery portion is expected to be done by summer 2013.



From Local Groups:  Thanks for this - much appreciated


BC Hydro Fish Passage: Coquitlam Sockeye Reintroduction: BC hydro change in funding, support and process has stalled the Sockeye reintroduction program in year 9 of a 10 year initiative 

Kwikwetlem FN has sent letter to BC Hydro expressing their concern about this change without consultation 

Okanogan Nation and Interior groups are also sending letters to BC hydro as their process has also changed/been hijacked 


Inventions: Compact incubation recirculating system developed by Maurice Coulter Boisvert is a success at PoCo Hatchery and at River Springs


CA Retirement: Joe Kambeitz retired this summer and is being replaced on a temporary basis pending restructuring resulting from changes at federal regulatory level


DFO Lower Fraser has a new area director arriving from eastern Canada where he served the minister as the Director of Aquaculture Management, welcome Gilles Verret


Silverdale wetland and creek additional habitat works were completed on the Silverdale wetlands; however, a developer has received permits to encroach on the wetland despite opposition of senior DFO area habitat staff.  This development permit was facilitated by the developer's  MP Randy Kamp Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and for the Asia-Pacific Gateway


Chum Returns best in 4-5 years


Cohen Commission Report:  Groups trying to work through the body of the report most started with Section 3 and support all the recommendations and want them implemented as recommended.