SEHAB Member: Paul Cipywnyk

Area: North Side Fraser River – Burnaby to Mission

Community Advisor: Maurice Coulter-Boisvert

Date: November 2015


Key Issues:

What top three points can you distill from community input to take to DFO RHQ?

1. Municipalities working on stream-affecting projects outside the fish window

2. Coho pre-spawn mortality continues to be a concern. The only way to improve this is filtering street runoff, yet cities are way behind on implementing ISMPs

3. Very slow implementation of watershed-friendly features such as swales, biofiltration ponds, roadside alternatives, etc. This means water quality continues to suffer, and massive runoff causes erosion.




A few examples of successes, failures, challenges.

Lots of education with all groups, work with schools, good media coverage


Issues Specific to SEHAB’s Work Plan:


SEHAB Work Plan

Local Issue, Specific  Examples

Actions by Community or DFO

SEHAB Opportunity

Wild Salmon Policy (Stock Assessment, Habitat)








Capacity & Core Funding





Submissions, Comments from Groups:

Hi Paul  The Fraser River Coalition , Judy Willams Co- chair has asked

me to pass on this immediate concern question  to you !   Question :


To meet global climate change estimates , all the protective marine and river dikes will have to be raised , starting as soon as 2016 ! Federal and Provincial funding to do the work on these multi year diking projects all over the Province of B. C.  must be found ! Raising the protective dikes will possible harm Wild Juvenile Salmon feeding and generally migration routes  !  This work has to be done and what Federal and Provincial plans will be in place to protect migrating salmon , during these many  dike raising projects all over the Province of B. C.  ?  Terry Slack     Director Fraser River Coalition