Roundtable Report Template



SEHAB MemberTracy Bond

Area Northern Interior

Community Advisor Tina Chestnut/Roy Argue/Shona Smith

Date July 22-24

SEP Program Activity Areas

Community Activity Areas

Issues or Successes

Actions Taken

Next Steps

Fish Hatcheries

Salmon Enhancement or Stock Assessment

No Hatcheries – There is a UNBC Research Centre that could be resurrected in partnership with University.

Brought Forward to meeting with Rebecca


Fisheries Management


Resource Restoration

Habitat Projects, Planned, In Progress, Completed, Needed

Even getting In Kind donations is getting harder to access due to budgetary limitations of community partners.



Habitat Conservation and Protection

Taseko Mine- resubmission.

Flooding – Emergency Works is impacting watershed and restoration works.

Not enough habitat staff federally, provincially, municipally, regionally to enforce or provideproactive planning.Volunteers are taking this role and are getting burnt out.

Access to watershed information from Industry


Stewardship and Education

Government Activity Areas

Lack of Core Funding

Volunteer Burnout

Larger organizations recruiting funds from small communities therefore competing for the few dollars available with local groups.

Ability to retain staff with fluctuating budgets.


Discussions directly with project staff


Your Group Activity