SEHAB Coho Forum

Friday May 12, 2006

The severe decline in coho returns to many south coast streams in 2005 and predicted poor coho survivals in 2006 are of great concern to stewards restoring salmon-bearing streams and to people who fish--anglers (who fish in both rivers and tidal waters), commercial fishermen and First Nations fishermen. Therefore, SEHAB is hosting a forum on coho issues on Friday, May 12 in North Vancouver at The Holiday Inn, 700 Lillooet Road. The forum begins at 7:30 P.M. There will be panel presentations, followed by Q and A.

  • Bert Ionson - Acting Regional Resource Management Coordinator,
    will speak on DFO's coho management actions. (View presentation)
  • Dr. Ron Tanasichuk - Pacific Biological Station
    Dr. Tanasichuk will discuss his work on euphausiid shrimp, their influence on survival of coho, chum and sockeye salmon and the ability to predict salmon runs according to the abundance of one species of euphausiid shrimp.
  • Reid Schrul - Capilano Salmon Hatchery.
    Reid will talk about the 2005 coho return to Capilano and how the facility would cope if it appeared that the hatchery was not going to reach its brood target of approx. 3,000.
  • Jack Minard - Tsolum River Enhancement Society
    Jack will provide the perspective of a person in the PIP. Faced with a steep decline in the coho return to Tsolum River, the Enhancement Society, which does not work with coho at present, wonders if it should work with coho. (View presentation)
  • Sandie Hollick Kenyon - DFO Community Advisor
    Will talk of watershed planning required for coho enhancement for PIP projects. How small facility’s can work within the big picture. (View presentation)

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